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Under the law, employers are required to provide workers with a minimum level of pay for their services, as well as paying certain employees additional wages for hours worked above the typical 40-hour week. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which employers choose not to follow these laws, choosing instead to pursue profits at the expense of their workers.

Fortunately, in these situations, workers can take legal action in order to recover the compensation that is rightfully theirs. While we at The Melton Law Firm, understand that it can be hard for workers in Austin to understand their rights when it comes to minimum wage and overtime pay, having a lawyer on your side when dealing with wage-related issues can make getting the fair treatment and compensation you believe you deserve easier.

Overtime and Wage Lawsuits

State and federal laws govern a wide range of working conditions, including wages and hours. As such, it is legal for workers to file claims when they believe they have been the victim of the following:

  • Overtime violations
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Equal pay violations

If you are not being paid fair wages, your employer should be held liable for their mistreatment. By filing an overtime or wage lawsuit, you stand a better chance of getting the wages you should have originally been paid.

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No employer should be allowed to violate the law and the rights of their workers with impunity. If you are involved in a wage or overtime dispute with your employer, call (512) 330-0017. Our determined attorneys at The Melton Law Firm, know how to effectively hold employers accountable for their actions and may be able to help you get the pay you believe you are owed.

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