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Employment Discrimination Based On National Origin

While discrimination in any setting is often deeply troubling, employment discrimination can be particularly troubling as it will likely have a direct impact on an individual’s finances.

Employees expect to be objectively rewarded and disciplined based on their merit, so when an employee is discriminated against as a result of their national origin it may come as a surprise. When management or ownership of any business or company engages in this, or any, form of discrimination, they may be held financially responsible for their actions.

Forms of National Origin Discrimination

An individual may experience discrimination at any point of their hiring, employment, or termination. When individuals of specific national origins are not reasonably provided with the same opportunities or resources that others have, they have likely experienced discrimination and may have adequate reason to pursue their employer in the civil court system. Among the most common, and disturbing, forms of discrimination in the workplace based on national origin are as follows:

  • References to specific national origins that are offensive or derogatory
  • Denial of reasonable opportunity to advance
  • Termination motivated by national origin

Employment discrimination is never acceptable and the Austin legal team at The Melton Law Firm will aggressively pursue those who engage in this behavior in the civil court system.

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