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Hostile Work Environments Based Upon National Origin Discrimination

Workplace harassment based upon a person’s national origin and thus creates a hostile work environment is against the law under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The systematic and prolonged harassment that some Austin employees experience in their workplace, regardless of Title VII, can be especially disturbing. This type of sustained discrimination typically makes it very difficult for at least one employee to perform his or her normal job duties.

Forms of Discrimination Against National Origin

Any sustained discrimination against a person that is based upon his or her national origin may be grounds for a hostile work environment lawsuit, regardless of whether the employer actively participated in the harassment or merely allowed it to occur. The discrimination against a person for his or her national origin may be understood to include any of the following actions:

  • Offensive and derogatory references regarding specific national origins
  • Consistent denial of reasonable opportunity to advance
  • Termination motivated by national origin

Typically, the term hostile work environment is utilized to describe any behavior, or tolerance of behavior, that makes it virtually impossible for an employee to perform the very basic duties of his or her position. With that in mind, these behaviors typically must be part of a pattern of behavior that is persistent and left unaddressed by an employer.

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