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Pursuing a Civil Rights Claim Under Section 1983

Intended to protect the rights of all people within the jurisdiction of the United States, Section 1983 provides the framework for litigation against any person who violates the rights of another under the authority of the state. In order for a Section 1983 claim to be valid, then, two different conditions must be met during the incident: first, your federal rights must have been violated; and, second, that violation must have been committed by an official of the local, state, or federal government.

Circumstances that May Necessitate a Section 1983 Claim

Section 1983 provides the legal framework through which legal action may be taken by any person whose constitutional rights, immunities, or privileges have been violated by an official representative of the state. With that in mind, the following circumstances would likely represent grounds on which an individual may pursue a Section 1983 claim:

  • When arresting or questioning you, police uses unnecessary force
  • When searching your home or arresting you without a warrant, police destroys your property
  • When exercising your first amendment rights, police arrests you

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