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Pursuing Retaliation Claims Involving FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides qualifying employees working for covered employers with a number of rights should they need to take a job-protected, unpaid leave of absence to attend to a range of medical and family reasons. Since this is a federally enforceable set of laws, employers in the Austin area are subject to them and may be held accountable should they take retaliatory action against their employees for simply exercising their rights.

Prohibited Conduct Under the FMLA

If your employer has broken the law by taking any retaliatory employment actions against you since you exercised your rights under the FMLA, there is a very good chance that your employer may be held financially accountable for doing so. Under the FMLA, employers are prohibited from retaliating against an employee for taking unpaid leave for the following events:

  • The birth of a child and subsequent care within a year of birth
  • The arrival of an adopted or foster child within a year of placement
  • To care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition
  • A health condition that is serious enough to interfere with essential job duties
  • Any qualifying circumstances involving immediate family in active military service

Whatever the particulars of your case happen to be, our Austin legal team will be there to help you take legal action against your employer for any retaliatory action they have taken against you.

Consult with an FMLA Retaliation Attorney in Austin

If your employer has taken retaliatory action against you for exercising your rights under the FMLA, you should speak with an Austin FMLA retaliation attorney at The Melton Law Firm about what legal action may now be available to you. To speak with an employment lawyer about the circumstances of your employer’s actions, please call our Austin offices at (512) 330-0017 today.

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