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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Although it is inexcusable, individuals still face racial discrimination in the workplace. Individuals discriminated against in the workplace because of the color of their skin or because of any personal characteristics associated with race have cause to file a civil suit against their employer.

However, racial discrimination can be far more subtle than blatant offenses. Individuals may be discriminated against as a result of their marriage to or association with a person of a certain race or skin color. Moreover, racial discrimination may occur at any point during the process of hiring or firing an individual, or in relation to the quality and number of opportunities for advancement that an individual is provided with during the course of employment.

Forms of Workplace Racial Discrimination

Our Austin legal team at The Melton Law Firm treats racial discrimination very seriously and, when it occurs in the workplace, will aggressively pursue financial restitution for racial discrimination victims. While racial discrimination may come in many guises, the following are all too common:

  • Use of racial slurs, racially offensive symbols or gestures
  • Consistent denial of advancement opportunities
  • Racially motivated termination

There are no excuses for racial discrimination, and it is particularly troubling when it affects an individual’s career opportunities.

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At The Melton Law Firm, our Austin legal team understands how fundamentally troubling racial discrimination can be. When it occurs in the workplace, our lawyers can help hold the responsible party or parties financially accountable. If you believe you have been racially discriminated against in the workplace and would like to speak with one of our competent attorneys, please call (512) 330-0017.

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