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Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Many Texas workers experience extreme stress when they are attempting to find, switch to, or even simply maintain a good job. The anxieties surrounding the job search and the worries of day-to-day work are substantial enough without the added fear that religious discrimination will put you at a disadvantage. Even though the Civil Rights Act and Texas law strictly prohibits religious discrimination in the workplace, an alarming number of employers fail to comply with these rules.

The Austin legal team at The Melton Law Firm understands that being passed over for a job—even losing a job—because of your religious beliefs is a painful experience. It causes not only unjust financial hardship, but also the terrible sense that you are seen as different because of your sincerely held convictions. We firmly believe that it is crucial for workers to understand the signs of religious discrimination so they can safeguard their own rights.

Signs of Religious Discrimination

It is possible to face prejudice based on religion in many stages of your job search and during your employment. Religious discrimination is not always obvious, but knowing the signs of workplace discrimination can help you recognize it when it occurs. You might have experienced prejudice in the workplace if:

  • A potential employer refuses to hire you because of your beliefs or your religious practices
  • Your boss refuses to accommodate the dress or grooming requirements of your religion
  • An employer will not let you observe a religious holiday
  • Your company denies you proper wages, a raise, or other compensation due to your religion
  • Your manager schedules meetings or other important work activities at times that conflict with your religious observances or holidays
  • An employer makes offensive or derogatory remarks about your religion

Religious discrimination in the workplace can be shocking to experience and difficult to process emotionally. Understanding the possible forms unlawful prejudice can take is one way to protect yourself as you strive to be both a reliable employee and a devout practitioner of your faith.

What We Can Do

If you suspect your employer discriminated against or wrongfully terminated you based on your religion, contact The Melton Law Firm. No employer is too large for us to take on, and we want to make sure employers are held responsible for their illegal practices. If you were the victim of religious discrimination, you may be entitled to financial compensation and you certainly deserve justice. Call us at (512) 330-0017 for a consultation with an experienced legal professional.

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