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Section 1981 Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Act of 1866, Section 1981 states that every citizen of the United States shall have an equal right to enforce contracts, to any benefits afforded by the law, and to file suit against those who violate their rights. Further amended and clarified in 1991 by Congress, the legal protections granted by Section 1981 extend to every aspect of the contractual relationship formed between the two or more parties involved.

As a contractual relationship, then, the employee-employer relationship grants employees the full range of rights as stated in Section 1981. Furthermore, as Texans live in an at-will employment state, Austin workers are protected under Section 1981 even if they do not have a formal signed contract with their employers.

Employment Rights Under Section 1981

As guaranteed by the protections outlined under Section 1981, employees in Austin may legally enforce contracts they have become a party two should any aspect of that contract be breached, including in regards to the following:

  • Hiring
  • Discharge
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment

Our Austin employment attorneys are committed to helping Austin workers protect their rights and enforce the terms of their contracts when those terms have been wrongfully breached.

Consult with a Section 1981 Rights Attorney in Austin

If you feel like your rights have been violated under Section 1981, you should consult with an Austin Section 1981 rights attorney to begin developing a legal strategy against the party who violated your rights. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of our civil rights attorneys, please call our Austin offices at (512) 330-0017 today.

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