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Understanding National Origin Discrimination

The law provides protections to workers against discrimination in the workplace. These protections are extended to a wide range of different classes of people, including those who may not originally be from the United States. Discrimination on the basis of national origin is therefore prohibited by law.

Nevertheless, as the United States becomes increasingly diverse and immigration to the country continues to expand, more and more workers are facing the problem of national origin discrimination. In most cases, workers who have been subject to this type of discrimination are entitled to take legal action in order to redress their grievances. However, there are some situations in which national origin discrimination may actually be allowed.

Exceptions to National Origin Discrimination Laws

While in the vast majority of cases, making hiring or employment decisions on the basis of national origin is against the law, there are some situations in which national origin can legitimately be considered by employers, including:

  • When a job requires proficiency in the English language
  • When a worker’s accent may interfere with their ability to effectively do the job
  • In these situations, employers may be entitled to seek other workers who may be more effective in the position.
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