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Understanding Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by state and federal employment laws. Nevertheless, it continues to be a serious issue that many Americans are forced to cope with in the workplace. While legal protections have proven effective at reducing the rates of sexual harassment experienced by workers, it remains essential for workers to understand their legal rights in order to protect themselves against this type of treatment.

Sexual harassment can occur in many different ways in the workplace. Some forms of harassment may appear relatively innocuous to some workers, whereas others are clearly a violation of their rights under the law. However, in no circumstance should workplace sexual harassment be allowed to persist.

Categories of Sexual Harassment

An incredibly broad array of activities may legitimately be considered sexual harassment. Generally speaking, however, they fall into two main categories:

  • Quid pro quo harassment – this type of harassment involves an employee being propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for employment benefits, such as job advancement or salary enhancement.
  • Hostile work environment – this type of harassment involves issues such as unwanted sexual advances (without attached promises of employment benefits), inappropriate sexual conversation or joking, and other forms of behavior which unnecessarily sexualize the workplace.
  • Most forms of sexual harassment will fall into one or both of these categories. Regardless of what form the harassment takes, anyone who has been victimized by sexual harassment has the right to pursue justice through the legal system.

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