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Understanding the 80% Rule

Unfortunately, protected groups frequently face discrimination every day, sometimes without even noticing. Identifying discrimination in the workplace can be very difficult for employers that feel as if they are practicing fair and equal employment. Even the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has a difficult time prosecuting employers that violate civil rights, as charges can be challenging to prove. Thankfully, there are guidelines in place such as the 80% rule that can help companies determine if they are unknowingly discriminating against protected groups.

At The Melton Law Firm, our attorneys understand how aggravating it is to be discriminated against, even if the employer did so unwittingly. We can help you shed light on the discriminatory treatment you’ve been receiving so that your employer understands that certain behaviors are unacceptable.

What is the 80% Rule?

The 80% rule was created to help companies determine if they have been unwittingly discriminatory in their hiring process. The rule states that companies should be hiring protected groups at a rate that is at least 80% of that of white men. For example, if a firm has hired 100 white men in their last hiring cycle but only hired 50 women, then the company can be found in violation of the 80% rule. The rule itself has no real effect other than to call into question a company’s hiring ethics. Those that are found in violation are only asked to provide a legitimate reason as to why they are hiring protected groups at such a lower rate.

When hiring potential new employees, some employers may end up hiring primarily one race or ethnic group, and while hiring the most qualified employee is important, having a huge portion of a company belong to a single ethnic group can raise questions about its equal employment practices. Nonetheless, the 80% rule is a useful guideline for companies to use when hiring to ensure that they are not unknowingly discriminating against protected groups.

Contact an Austin Equal Employment Attorney

If you or someone you know has been discriminated against in the workplace, you have many legal options to begin building your equal employment case. Every person, no matter race or ethnic group, has the right to have the same opportunities. At The Melton Law Firm, our Austin employment attorneys have dedicated their professional lives to protecting the employment rights of all our clients. Contact our office today at (512) 330-0017 to speak with a member of our legal team today.

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