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Austin Age Discrimination Hostile Work Environment Lawyers

While no Austin employee should be subjected to harassment of any kind, some Austin-area workers are so pervasively and persistently harassed about their age that they no longer feel capable of performing their job-related duties. Austin employers that allow hostile work environments to persist in the workplace, or otherwise directly participate in their creation, may be held financially liable for your suffering.

Age-based discrimination in the workplace occurs when comments, nicknames, or other discriminatory remarks are made about an employee’s age within the workplace. Discrimination often comes from those in positions of power and is especially common when older employees are passed over by their employers for opportunities, such as promotions. Important to note, however, is that a perpetrator of age-based workplace discrimination does not necessarily have to be someone in a leadership position. Anyone is capable of making those around them feel uncomfortable, and, therefore, anyone, even a position subordinate, can be found guilty of workplace discrimination. However, you can only sue your employer if they were involved in the discrimination or did nothing to prevent its occurrence.

At The Melton Law Firm, our Austin age discrimination lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees facing an age-based hostile work environment, and we may fight on your behalf against the employer who has caused you harm. To schedule a consultation with The Melton Law Firm, give us a call at (512) 330-0017 or fill out the contact form on our website. We would love to help you take the first step toward winning the compensation you deserve as a result of having to go to work in a hostile environment.

Why You Need a Lawyer

If you have been subjected to a hostile work environment, you may be eligible for compensation from your employer. No one should feel threatened or uncomfortable in their place of work, especially because of their identity or age. The workplace should be a safe space of encouragement where you can perform your job to the best of your abilities, and this is impossible in an unwelcoming and hostile environment. Constant snide remarks can be hurtful, and over time this treatment can lead to worse mental health, increased stress, and a sense of dread about work. Whether someone always comments on your age or your appearance, you are passed over for a promotion or are demoted because of your age, or you experience any other form of age-based harassment at work, you are not able to work at your full mental capacity.

If this situation applies to you, a lawyer can help build a case around the discrimination you experienced. It can be difficult to prove that your treatment counts as age discrimination and warrants a lawsuit. You will need to gather substantial evidence to ensure your case is more than a he-said, she-said scenario. An experienced lawyer can help bolster your claim to ensure you get the result you deserve.

Why Choose The Melton Law Firm?

The Melton Law Firm is the best option to lead you to success in your lawsuit because of our experience and achievements. John F. Melton has been practicing law since 1999 and has been board certified in Texas labor and employment Law since 2008. He is consistently ranked among the top lawyers in Texas, even receiving the honor of Fellow Member of the Texas Bar Foundation, which means he is ranked in the top one percent of all attorneys in the state. Mr. Melton has won multiple cases with payouts of over 1 million dollars for his deserving clients. He is dedicated to everyone he serves and strives to bring justice for those who have been treated unfairly in their work environment.

By law, U.S. employees are guaranteed a list of rights, one of which is the right to a safe work environment that does not discriminate based on identity. Proving in court that these rights have been violated can be a tedious and time-consuming endeavor, but the attorneys here at The Melton Law Firm have years of experience defending these rights for people in the Austin area, and we want to help you too. We want your employer to accept that what they did was wrong so that they never repeat those actions in the future.

We are dedicated to pursuing your case of age-based workplace discrimination and would be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss the implications of your situation. You will work closely with your attorney and will always be kept up to date. Let us take on the burden of building your case and ensuring justice is served so you can focus on your work, your future job prospects, and your mental health. We will make sure your employer has to pay for allowing discriminatory activities to happen in your place of work.

Conditions of an Age-Based Hostile Work Environment

Under most circumstances, the following four criteria must have been met in order for you to have a strong age-based hostile work environment case against your Austin employer:

  • You must be at least 40 years old;
  • The harassment you experienced, whether it was verbal or physical, must have been related to your age;
  • The very nature of that harassment must have created a work environment that may be objectively recognized as offensive, intimidating, or hostile; and
  • Your employer must have done nothing to prevent your harassment, or, otherwise, have directly participated in it

You could also be eligible for compensation if you were wrongfully passed over for a promotion or raise or if you were demoted because of your age. Workers in the United States are protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which makes employee age discrimination illegal — from hiring to promotions to firing. The act also specifies that a company cannot retaliate against any employee who files an age discrimination case against them.

There are many reasons employers opt to hire or promote younger employees in place of older ones. They might want young employees to work for them because they are often new to the job market and are willing to work for less. Their more recent education might also make them more knowledgeable in areas such as technology, but this too can be considered age-based discrimination. They could claim that allowing young employees to move up the ladder is an investment in the future of their company. Regardless of their reasoning, employers cannot hire, fire, promote, or demote anyone because of their age.

It is illegal to limit someone’s professional progress because of their age, and if you have experienced this, you should take legal action against your employer to ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future. If you win your case, you could be eligible for compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and even attorney fees, and if your case is related to wrongful termination, we may be able to get you your job back.

No Austin employee should be subjected to such harsh circumstances. Seek the assistance of an Austin employment lawyer who will fight to protect your rights.

Consult an Austin Age Discrimination Lawyer

At The Melton Law Firm, our Austin age discrimination lawyers will do everything they can to hold any Austin employer financially responsible for their age-based harassment. If you have been passed over for a job or promotion, were demoted, or have been on the receiving end of age-based jokes and remarks in the office, you are likely eligible for compensation and should take advantage of this opportunity to right those wrongs. Don’t let this happen to someone else, and don’t let it limit your future job prospects. Take action. To discuss the conditions of your work environment with one of our Austin employment lawyers, please call our offices at (512) 330-0017 or reach out to us online today.

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