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Austin First Amendment Attorneys

Employers in the United States are prohibited from taking adverse action against their employees in response to any activity protected under the First Amendment. If you are an employee facing adverse employment action regardless, it may be imperative for you to get in touch with an employment rights lawyer that can properly evaluate your case.

At The Melton Law Firm, our Austin First Amendment attorneys can help you take legal action against your employer for failing to act in accordance with the law, which may have imposed unnecessary financial burdens on you.

Filing a First Amendment Retaliation Claim in Austin

Our legal team in Austin has the experience and the resources you will need to take on your employer, or former employer, in court. Once you reach out to one of our lawyers, we may begin developing your claim, which will need to demonstrate each of the following:

  • Your speech or expression is normally protected under the First Amendment
  • The adverse action would deter others from similar speech or expression
  • The adverse action taken against you is related to your speech or expression

Whatever the particulars of your claim, our legal team in Austin can evaluate your claim and then help you take the legal action necessary to hold you employer accountable for their actions.

Consult with a First Amendment Attorney in Austin

If your employer has taken any adverse employment action against you in response to your engagement in an activity protected under the First Amendment, consider consulting with an Austin First Amendment attorney at The Melton Law Firm. To speak with a member of our legal team in Austin directly, call our Austin office at (512) 330-0017.

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