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Austin Gender Retaliation Attorneys

Employers are expected to do everything they reasonably can to prevent discrimination in the workplace and to protect those individuals who take a stand against it. Unfortunately, some Austin employers violate federal law by punishing people like you who engage in protected activities against gender discrimination in the workplace. Now that your employer has broken the law and taken adverse employment action against you, there will be a legal opportunity for you to hold them accountable for their actions.

At The Melton Law Firm, our Austin gender retaliation attorneys will be committed to helping you pursue compensation for the retaliatory action that your Austin employer took against you; we will do everything we can to help you uphold your rights and prevent gender discrimination in the workplace.

Gender-Based Retaliation Claims in Austin

Under federal laws that are enforced by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Austin employers are prohibited from taking adverse employment action against any covered person who engages in a protected activity against gender discrimination in the workplace, including but not limited to the following:

  • Reporting incidents of discrimination to anyone in the workplace
  • Refusing to follow orders that you have reason to believe are discriminatory
  • Threatening to formally submit a formal charge of discrimination

Whatever the particulars of your claim are, our Austin legal team is prepared to aggressively pursue your case against your employer in an effort to recover compensation for you and to prevent any further discrimination.

Consult with a Gender Retaliation Attorney in Austin

At The Melton Law Firm, our Austin gender retaliation attorneys are committed to protecting workers’ rights and eliminating gender discrimination in the workplace. To begin developing a legal strategy to protect your rights with one of our Austin attorneys, please call our Austin offices at (512) 330-0017 today.

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