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Austin Workers’ Comp Retaliation Lawyers

Workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect employees from having to take financial responsibility for injuries sustained in the workplace. While many workers’ compensation claims are made and settled without incident, some of these situations unfortunately involve an employer who retaliates against the employee for filing because they do not want to pay the cost.

In the event that your employer retaliates against you for taking advantage of your legal right to file for workers’ compensation, our Austin workers’ comp retaliation attorneys at The Melton Law Firm can help you take legal action. We have experience dealing with this type of behavior and can put an end to it while ensuring the safety of your job.

What is Workers’ Comp Retaliation?

When dealing with instances of retaliation, the employee will have to provide evidence supporting his or her claim. For instance, you will be expected to show proof that you were adversely treated or fired specifically because you filed for workers’ compensation. Common examples of retaliatory behavior are as follows:

  • Unwarranted demotions
  • Sudden changes in responsibilities or position
  • Decreased pay
  • Undeserved disciplinary actions

After filing your workers’ compensation claim, you should consider keeping a record of any negative treatment you receive from your employer. In retaliation cases, thoroughly documented evidence is very important.

Contact a Workers’ Comp Retaliation Attorney

If your employer has begun to treat you in an unfavorable way or has fired you because you filed for workers’ compensation, you may be able to take legal action against them. The workers’ compensation attorneys of The Melton Law Firm have thorough experience defending employees against unjustified employers, and we can help you throughout your claims process. Call our Austin office today at (512) 330-0017 to learn more about how we can help.

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