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Misrepresentation of income is a type of corporate fraud where an employer takes deliberate steps to hide their real income. The employer typically wants to hide income to lessen or eliminate a tax burden. Income misrepresentation can take many forms, including moving money through offshore accounts, accounting fraud, fraudulent billing, false expense reporting, or making false claims on taxes. Whistleblowers can make reports to the appropriate authorities to initiate an investigation. The False Claims Act makes it illegal for a corporation to defraud a government program.

Income misrepresentation causes taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Whistleblowers are critical to reporting misrepresentation of income and holding wrongdoers accountable. Whether it’s hiding income offshore, failing to report revenue, or claiming deductions that aren’t valid, corporations and individuals have numerous ways to try and hide their income from the U.S. and Texas governments. In our society, whistleblowers play an essential role in helping expose fraud and ensuring that all corporations and people are treated fairly and equally under federal and state tax laws.

If you want to report or already have reported your employer for misrepresentation of income in Austin, contact the whistleblower lawyers at The Melton Law Firm at (512) 330-0017 or online for help to make sure you are not retaliated against for your courageous actions.

Do I Need a Misrepresentation of Income Lawyer?

There are strong laws that protect individuals who report corporations for misrepresentation of income. However, unscrupulous employers may retaliate against you or even fire you for taking a stand. Fortunately, U.S. and Texas laws strongly protect individuals who choose to come forward to rectify misrepresentation of income. If you’re mistreated or retaliated against for exposing misrepresentation of income, you have rights.

The laws that protect people who report income fraud are complex. The standards for what protections you have and how to assert your rights can vary. There are deadlines that apply and critical steps that you must take in to preserve your legal rights and bring your claim forward. The best way to protect your rights if you choose to whistleblow your employer for income misrepresentation is to hire a lawyer.

Why Choose The Melton Law Firm?

John F. Melton has been protecting the rights of employees in Austin for twenty years. He is a board-certified specialist in labor and employment law and has been named a Super Lawyer every year since 2011. His expertise in the field of employment law has helped him recover millions of dollars in compensation for his clients. As a board-certified specialist in Civil Trial Law, he is unafraid to take your employer to court if that is what it takes to get you the compensation and justice you need.

Protections for Reporting Income Misrepresentation

For the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 to apply, you must make a report of your suspicions to the appropriate government agency. The report must be based on a good-faith belief that the employer is violating the law. If you face retaliation for your disclosure, the time limit to report the retaliation may be as short as 30 days.

The attorneys of The Melton Law Firm help victims who report misrepresentation of income by helping them make reports to the appropriate officials in addition to filing legal claims. Our team helps you with all aspects of your claim so that you can assert your rights in the best way possible. However, you must work quickly to comply with deadlines. Our attorneys specialize in whistleblower protection cases, and we can help you each step of the way.

What Can I Recover in Compensation for Reporting Misrepresentation of Income?

If you make a report of a corporation’s misrepresentation of income, multiple avenues of recovery may be applicable. First, you may recover a portion of the taxes and penalties that the corporation ultimately ends up paying after the misrepresentation is exposed. The financial award can be substantial. Our legal team can help you understand if your case is eligible for this kind of compensation.

You may have personal losses because you make the report or face retaliation in the form of a job loss. You could suffer damage to your reputation or lose out on a promotion. Emotional distress can result from these events. Our legal team can help you evaluate all the types of compensation that may apply in your misrepresentation of income case.

Talk to a Misrepresentation of Income Attorney in Austin

At The Melton Law Firm, we believe in doing the right thing. That’s why we work tirelessly on behalf of individuals when they do the right thing and report misrepresentation of income. We put our experience and knowledge to work as your trusted and effective whistleblower attorneys to advocate on your behalf after you report your employer. Call (512) 330-0017 today to learn how we can fight for you.

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