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Whistleblowers play an essential role in helping to uncover government or corporate wrongdoing. However, in many situations, whistleblowers may face substantial difficulties, both in choosing to bring forward allegations of wrongdoing and also in coping with the consequences of their decision. For this reason, state and federal laws have put in place substantial protections to help ensure that whistleblowers have the support they need after exposing information.

The preservation of the rights and protections afforded to whistleblowers is vital to the advancement of social progress and upholding the law. As such, when a person in Austin is treated unfairly due to whistleblowing, our lawyers at The Melton Law Firm, believe that he or she should be able to take action against the employer or person who has retaliated against him or her.

Whistleblower Lawsuits

When it comes to whistleblowing, there are many legal protections in place to protect workers. As a result, it may be possible for someone to file a legal claim related to the following matters:

When a person’s rights have been violated after they adhered to the law or exposed others’ illegal activity, he or she deserves to be protected and pursue recompense for the harm they have suffered.

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