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Tax fraud or evasion, whether by a company or an individual, is extremely detrimental to the United States economy. Corporate and individual taxes finance home loans, college loans, cancer research, health care programs, highways, and our nation’s military. Taxes are absolutely vital to Americans’ health and quality of life; those who choose not to pay their taxes hurt the greater citizenry by not providing money to those programs. That is why whistleblowers, people who hold individuals or corporations responsible for their corruption, are rewarded and protected by law.

It is essential to hire a lawyer with knowledge and experience in protecting whistleblowers if you plan to or have already reported a corporation or individual for tax fraud or evasion. In Austin, The Melton Law Firm is your most valuable resource as a whistleblower. Contact us today at (512) 330-0017 to learn how we can help.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Although whistleblowers are protected by law, their rights are not always respected. A whistleblower’s employer may fire them, they may be humiliated or have their reputation damaged, and they may lose wages or benefits. Whistleblowers take great risks, so getting a reward for that risk is key. It is imperative that a whistleblower has an attorney in their corner to ensure a) the largest reward possible is given and b) the whistleblower is protected under the law.

Why The Melton Law Firm?

At The Melton Law Firm, our whistleblower defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting the upstanding citizens who risk their reputation and their income to report wrongdoing. John Melton is a board-certified expert in labor and employment law, and has been consistently awarded the title of Super Lawyer every year since 2011. He has been defending the rights of his neighbors in Austin since 1999.

The courage of whistleblowers inspires every member of our team and is the source of our passion for defending them. We will be your most fearsome ally and help you get both the reward and the protection you deserve.

Cases We Handle

In 2006, Congress passed a law that incentivizes whistleblowers to report tax evasion or tax fraud by individuals or corporations to the IRS. There are a number of requirements that whistleblowers’ information must meet:

  • The IRS must decide to act on the information given by the whistleblower. The agency cannot be forced by a whistleblower to pursue a lead; if they choose not to use the whistleblower’s information, a reward will not be given to the whistleblower.
  • The company or individual that the whistleblower is reporting on must have at least $2 million in unpaid taxes. If the taxpayer is an individual, their income must be at least $200,000 for one of the years in question. If the value of evaded taxes is less than $200,000, the IRS will not award the whistleblower.
  • The IRS must collect the unpaid taxes for the whistleblower to be rewarded.

To receive the maximum award, it is important to hire a whistleblower attorney. They will examine the details of your report to the IRS and fight to get you the reward you deserve.

There are also conditions that will disqualify any information that the whistleblower reports to the IRS or that will reduce the reward given to the whistleblower. These include:

  • If the whistleblower who brings the information to the IRS is in some way part of the tax evasion or tax fraud scheme, the IRS will reduce the award given or give no reward at all.
  • If the information given to the IRS is not exclusive, meaning it was published in the news media, in a government report, a hearing, an audit, or an investigation, the whistleblower will likely not receive a reward. If the information is widely available, the risk to the whistleblower was quite low.

To encourage people to speak up about tax evasion and tax fraud, Congress has enacted laws that protect whistleblowers’ rights and wages. An experienced whistleblower attorney will be your ally in ensuring that your rights are protected. The following types of damages can be awarded in a whistleblower case:

  • Punitive Damages – Damages can be sought from anyone that disregards the rights of the whistleblower.
  • Back Pay – Compensation can be awarded for any lost wages or benefits that the whistleblower suffered.
  • Compensatory Damages – Whistleblowing is a courageous but risky act. It can lead to emotional distress, damage to your reputation, and humiliation. Whistleblowers can receive compensation for these noneconomic hardships.
  • Reinstatement – Whistleblowers may fear that they will lose their job if they report tax fraud to the IRS. However, the law enables whistleblowers to be reinstated in their positions if they so choose.

If you have experienced backlash after reporting tax fraud or tax evasion, or if you think you deserve a reward for your whistleblowing but have not yet received it, The Melton Law Firm can help.

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