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Austin Employment Lawyer

Texas workers enjoy a broad range of legal protections under state and federal law. These protections are intended to ensure that workers receive fair and equal treatment at the hands of their employers, not to mention work in a place where they feel safe. However, in far too many situations, employers disregard their legal obligations towards workers and either act in ways that violate the law or fail to address known issues in the workplace.

When an Austin employer breaks the law or allows their employees to be mistreated, our lawyers at The Melton Law Firm, believe it is essential that the employer be held liable for the harm they have caused. By filing a legal claim against the employer and parties responsible for the mistreatment, victims can often get not only the justice they are seeking, but also the financial compensation they deserve.

Our Employment Law Practice Areas

Unfortunately, there is a large number of ways in which an employer can either willfully or through lack of action cause an employee to suffer unfair treatment in the workplace. At The Melton Law Firm, we are prepared to help those who are in need of legal help for the following employment law matters:

When you are dealing with these and other employment law issues, it is often critical to enlist the support of a qualified attorney to get the outcome that you want and need.

In addition to handling employment law concerns, we are also prepared to represent individuals dealing with cases involving:

Whether you have suffered injuries because of another party’s wrongdoing, or you have been subjected to unfair or illegal treatment at your place of employment, we are here to help.

Contact an Employment Attorney in Austin

At The Melton Law Firm, our lawyers have substantial, in-depth experience helping workers who have suffered any type of workers’ rights violation get the justice, closure, and fair treatment they deserve. Tell us about your situation and find out how we can help you pursue action against those responsible for the mistreatment by calling (512) 330-0017 today.