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Texas Subway franchise sued for mandating payroll on prepaid debit cards

A Central Texas Subway franchise owner, Destiny Foods, currently faces a class action lawsuit filed by one of its employees, Jake Branson, for allegedly mandating employees to accept their paycheck via prepaid debit cards that accrue costly fees, FindLaw reported on May 25.

Branson said the franchise sent the employees a memo in April 2014 that told them that paper checks would on longer be issued, and employees would be paid on prepaid debit cards. According to Branson, he quickly realized that various activities involving the card charged him extra fees. Branson said Global Cash Card, the card vendor, charged a 50-cent fee to use the debit card at an automotive store and also charged him $1 to make a balance inquiry. A lawyer at the National Consumer Law Center asserted that employees should always have a choice regarding how they are paid.

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