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Uber driver terminated after pulling gun on passenger in defense

Uber driver Deven Garza said that he was fired after he brandished a firearm to protect himself from a passenger who was trying to attack him in Austin, Texas.

Garza, a concealed handgun licensing and former military policeman, joined Uber in May 2015. According to reports, he picked up a couple at Uncle Gary’s Bar in Pflugerville on Monday, July 20. Garza said the two told him to go to Round Rock but couldn’t agree where exactly.

He proceeded to drive onto the toll road towards Round Rock. The two got upset with him and the male passenger grabbed Garza’s shirt. Garza reached for his gun to protect himself, and, according to him, the male passenger tried to grab the gun. Garza accidentally fired the gun, just missing the gear shift and the steering wheel.

Garza said he reported the incident to Uber and the police right away but he was informed that his employment would be terminated. Garza said he plans to contest Uber’s decision.

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